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Calavera 2017…She’s in The Drive!

La Muerte just arrived to beautiful Vancity; she’s ready to revive all the boredom of the city.   Walking around The Drive, she noticed something strange: a group of blond girls wearing crown flowers on their heads.   She took … Continue reading

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My Mornigs at the Bus Stop This Fall

I wake up in the darkness, and I feel like I’m dying. I just want to die, go back to bed and never wake up. I wish I could take my Munequito with me and go as far away as … Continue reading

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Summer Love

I take you for granted because I’ve grown used to your love, your kindness and innocence your good heart, a heart with no malice. I love you because your smile is bright and welcomes my many faults, because you’re patient with … Continue reading

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The Good Dad

I think he’s a great dad. I smile everything I see him around the neighbourhood. The good dad.  He looks like one. I met him at the bus stop with his little daughter. He wears a black faux leather jacket, … Continue reading

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It’s Music, It’s Breathtaking

Sometimes it’s hard to express the amount of beauty that music can have. It’s breathtaking. It makes me cry. I’m so thankful for the talented musicians who compose such magnificent pieces. Who inspires them to write that kind of musical poetry? … Continue reading

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The Forest I Go

I always imagined it as a beautiful forest. Enormous pines surrounding a greenfield where a tiny cabin sits in the middle. It is the classic cabin: painted in red (although I don’t even like red), with square shaped windows and … Continue reading

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Some Reasons of Why I Write

I write because I’ve always liked it. It doesn’t matter in what language I do it. I love Spanish and its words, but I love words more than any language. So now I write in English because it reaches more people; … Continue reading

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