I Say It Now

I didn’t grow up saying grace before meals. However, my Avi always used to say thank you to my abue once he was done eating his lunch. My abue used to answer thanks be to God. When I write this, I can hear them perfectly saying those words.

I started saying grace just a few months ago, I don’t think it has even been half a year. But now I’m used to doing it. I see and understand its importance. And I’m incredible blessed to have a husband who says grace with me as well (keep in mind he is not Catholic…yet!) not only at home, but even if we’re eating out.

There are so many things that I do now, that I cannot see my self without doing them anymore. This brings me so much joy!


About silviaeningles

I’m Silvia and these are some interesting things about me: I was born in Puebla, a beautiful city in central Mexico. It is an old city, founded in 1531 I live in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada I have a blog in Spanish that you’re welcome to read (http://comenzandolashistorias.blogspot.ca/) I love hummingbirds, tea and Mexican candy I really enjoy when readers write and comment on my posts I love writing, and I really enjoy poetry (reading aloud my favourite poems always makes me happy)
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