Not Dark




Lila Downs and Will Eisner at a party;

a gathering full of fun and dance,

a place where everybody stares at their phones.

(And just so you know, Lila and Will are getting along just fine!).


Chalupas and mashed potatoes having a drink a night,

boring and explosive flavours

fighting to be the main dish.

(Sadly for them, a tamarind candy will be crowned as king

while the pumpkin pie thinks he is the dessert of the night. Yes, pumpkin pie is a he).


Blue and grey skies having a conversation;

wet soil and fertile land

providing shades, laughs and love

(They’ve witnessed so many nights of love).


 Background to Whom?

You and me of course!


We don’t have date nights because I think they are stupid

(Really? A date night? It is simply going out for dinner. But what about the movie? Well,

that’s  just a movie).

We don’t have fun together, we don’t do that kind of classic fun.

(Fortunately, we have a homo sockyan who is lots of fun).


What do we do then?

We feel our kisses through blue and brown eyes,

we live with the help of my music and your drawings,

we care about each other,

we read.

But what we really do is

LOVE at each other with capital letters.


About silviaeningles

I’m Silvia and these are some interesting things about me: I was born in Puebla, a beautiful city in central Mexico. It is an old city, founded in 1531 I live in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada I have a blog in Spanish that you’re welcome to read ( I love hummingbirds, tea and Mexican candy I really enjoy when readers write and comment on my posts I love writing, and I really enjoy poetry (reading aloud my favourite poems always makes me happy)
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