The Geography of My Body

I give you the geography of my body

Conquer it with kisses

Go all over it

Explore its deepest corners

Walk through those virgin lands that none has ever seen: dive into them.

Discover its seven wonders

Enjoy the smell of its caves and streams

Lay the foundation stone: build whatever you want

Trace the coordinates, and if you wish, you’re allowed to change the cardinal points.

Walk down until you’re exhausted, until your eyes cry when they find beauty

Find the hidden treasure; hide it in a place that will only belong to you

Find those anxious ridges ready to be under siege.

Write poems that describe the mystical lands you’ve found

Domesticate any wilderness you see

Look, keep on looking. There are always things to be found.

Originally written in Spanish in August 7th, 2007

Translated: February 14th, 2014


About silviaeningles

I’m Silvia and these are some interesting things about me: I was born in Puebla, a beautiful city in central Mexico. It is an old city, founded in 1531 I live in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada I have a blog in Spanish that you’re welcome to read ( I love hummingbirds, tea and Mexican candy I really enjoy when readers write and comment on my posts I love writing, and I really enjoy poetry (reading aloud my favourite poems always makes me happy)
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